Wall Render Mould Cleaning Melbourne

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Why stop at the roof moss removal?

We can remove mould and moss from the outside walls of your home.

The rendering and brickwork on home exteriors and walls over the years get tired in appearance because of mould, pollution and general grime.

Render can be prone to lichen growth but we can high pressure clean then spray with our specially formulated product will inhibit the lichen and moss growth. We first spray the wall lichen and moss, leave it for an hour or so and then give it another treatment with some gentle brushing. By this time the algae, lichens and mosses will be killed off and can be low pressure sprayed with fresh water to leave the wall looking like new.

We can bring these surfaces back to their original condition and at the same time retard the future mould growth for up to 12 months

Wall renders have become more high tech and plasticised over the years so patching up gets more difficult, so we’ll be careful!
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