High pressure water roof cleaning in Melbourne

We high pressure clean your terracotta or concrete tile roof by removing roof moss, lichen, dirt and pollution grime using our high pressure cleaning system that has an adjustable spray head. This means that we can high pressure clean roof moss and dirt from old terracotta tiles without damaging or breaking them, and when we require more high pressure to remove stubborn lichens we can do all the adjustment from the roof.
High pressure roof cleaning ONLY with no harsh chemicals that are corrosive to your spoutings and can stain the exterior paintwork of your home. Moss and lichen growing on old melbourne roofs and buildings is sometimes seen as a way of conserving the “old” or “vintage” look of a property, but the truth is that the invasive nature of the root systems of this plant material can be very damaging to your Melbourne roof and building fabric. Heavy infestations of lichen and moss can block the drainage channels between the roofing tiles and can cause small roof leaks that over time will cause damage to your roof timbers, leading to wet rot.

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Our solution is to use a low pressure spray that cleans and restores and cleans old terracotta roofs or slate tiled roofs without causing any physical damage.

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If your roof is covered in grime, moss and lichen it can ruin the street appeal of your property - especially important if you are selling.
Roof cleaning must be one of the smartest things you as a homeowner can do to protect your investment. So in the end your roof looks great and a well maintained home reflects well on you the owner.
See our roof cleaning Melbourne website where we can do the cleaning without using high pressure water.